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Please read through all the following Terms & Conditions before you contact us by email or phone. Note: We only use the information you provide us in order for us to carry the services you require.

Terms & Conditions (the Site) (we, us and our).

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All services carried by our; either employed locksmith or approved & skilled partner locksmith individuals or companies. The services are to be carried at the customer's provided address such as their own homes, or business premises.

The information provided on our site is for information purposes only, any additional information required by our customers can be given to customers by phone or email.

By using our website you accept that the information is only for guidance of the services we offer, and contact details you may require to get in touch with us.

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2. Delivery of goods & services.

Please note that the address is either the locksmith private home or point of up to 5 miles radious our local locksmith provide covers. We therefore do not serve customers at this address, unless prior appointment with the locksmith was made! *

We do not use any third party delivery companies, nor do we post goods to customers. Our services are mobile locksmith and other traders service; any products supplied to customer as part of the work is supplied and installed at the customer's property by the tradesmen who will visit to carry the work required.

All goods we supply & install carry 12 month manufacturer warranty, and 3 months labour costs. Any damage to the material caused by the customer, or other individuals who tampered with the products will invalidate the warrantee for both the product and labour. Such as attempted burglary, forcing the products to function inappropriately, using wrong keys to open locks.


3. Refund / Cancelation Policy – timeframe;

In the event of cancellation ( between the hours of 7:01 am and 8pm ), you the customer must give us notice of cancellation before our locksmith attend your property within half an hour of agreed time or arrival of our locksmith, and no less than 15 minutes before the agreed time. Failing to provide appropriate notice will incur 50% charge of the agreed booked service given over the phone or email.

In the event of out of hours ( 8pm - 7am ) all cancellation will be charged at 50% of the labour charge agreed. We may request Card details in order to confirm the booking, and 50% non refundable cost will be charged in advance.

In the event of failure of our locksmiths/tradesmen to attend on time, and where reasonable time has passed ( a window of 30 minutes must be allowed due to traffic, other jobs that may delay their arrival ), and they have failed to notify the customer of their delay; a full refund will be given to customers.


4. Prices

Callout Fee £45
– Callout fee will double on weekends and out of hours in addition to bank holidays

Unlocking Door
– Prices start from £75 daytime hours and £180 night-time hours

Lock Repairs
– Prices Start from £125

New Installations of Locks
– Prices Start from £95

Security Locks and Cylinders
– Rim Cylinders: from £25.00
– Euro Cylinders: from £25.00
– Dead Locks: from £45.00
– Sash Locks from £45.00

High Security Locks and Cylinders
– Rim Cylinder from £85.00
– Euro Cylinder from £95.00

Multi-Point Mechanisms
– Multi Point Mechanism Case start from £125
– Full Multi-point uPVC Mechanism start from £175.00
– Basic Handles start from £55.00
Labour and and parts may increase based on the complexity and level of security. The locksmith will inform you the customer only if some prices of the job are different from the prices stated on the website, any variation will be based on the complexity and level of security of the specific job.

Emergency call outs
– starting from £125

Special emergencies and standby emergencies from £240 per hour Plus Parts
In some emergency cases such as life in danger, life in stress and jobs which require immediate completion which include but not limited to fires, travel emergencies, children and the elderly locked in a property, emergency service matters, gas emergency , flooding any type of emergency which requires immediate action without delay, the correct price may not be known until after the job is completed.

– No returns on used products or used keys regarding property security.

– You can cancel at anytime however you will be charged a call out fee if the locksmith arrives at the property before cancellation.

Response Time
– Response time will vary based on traffic conditions and external factors beyond our control.

Prices may not include VAT

Locks and Prices

Our products are related to Official Locksmiths Body -

£120.00 - Double Euro Versa, M-1AS-6P5, Medium Security, 1 Anti Snap, 6 Pin, 5 Keys

£160.00 - Double Euro Pioneer, HS-2AS-BS1-6P3, Insurance Approve, High Security, 2 Anti Snap, British Standard 1 Star, 6 Pin, 3 Keys

£180.00 - Double Euro Brisant Fire Escape, BBS-1AS-TT-6P-FE3, Insurance Approve, British Standard, 1 Anti Snap, Thumb-Turn, 6 Pin, Fire Escape, 3 Keys

£140.00 - Double Euro Maxus, M-6P-AD3, Medium Security, 6 Pin, Anti Drill, 3 Keys

£125.00 - Double Euro TSS, M-6P3, Medium Security, 6 Pin, 3 keys

£480.00 - Double Euro Banham Replacement, M-6P-AD3, Medium Security, 6 Pin, Anti Drill, 3 Keys

£280.00 - Double Euro Security Cog Fire escape Evva, M-TT-FE3, Medium Security, Thumb-Turn, Fire Escape, 3 Keys

£340.00 - Double Euro ABS Magnetic, HS-1AS-BS3-SKC-M3, Insurance Approve, High Security, 1 Anti Snap, British Standard 3 Star, Security Key Card, 3 Magnetic Keys

£180.00 - Double Oval Maxus Heavy Duty, M-6P-HD-AD3, Medium Security, 6 Pim, Heavy Duty, Anti Drill, 3 Keys

£90.00 - Rim Era, B-5P3, Basic Security, 5 Pin, 3 Keys

£90.00 - Rim TSS, M-6P3, Medium Security, 6 Pin, 3 Keys

£98.00 - Traditional Night-Latch, BL-SB, Basic Latch, Security Button

£128.00 - Modern Design Narrow Night-Latch, ML-MD-SB-NS40, Medium Latch, Modern Design, Security Button, Narrow Size

£148.00 - Modern Night-Latch, ML-MD-SB60, Medium Latch, Modern Design, Security Button

£280.00 - Heavy Duty Era Night-Latch and Rim Set, HS-BS-AD-HD-PA3, Insurance Approve, British Standard, High Security, Heavy Duty, Anti Drill, Police Approved, 3 Keys

£145.00 - Traditional Yale Narrow, BL-SB-NS40, BASIC LATCH, Security Button, Narrow Size

£140.00 - Rim Yale, B-LPM, Basic Security, Pin Locking Mechanism, 2 Keys

£180.00 - Deadlock Legge, M-BS-5L-AD2, Insurance Approve, Medium Security, British Standard, 5 Lever, Anti Drill, 2 keys

£190.00 - Sash-Lock Legge, M-BS-5L-AD2, Insurance Approve, Medium Security, British Standard, 5 Lever, Latch Mechanism, Anti Drill, 2 Keys

£190.00 - Euro Profile Sash-Lock Union, M-AS-EP, Medium Security, Anti Saw Dead Bolt

£340.00 - Detainer Union Heavy Duty Deadlock, HS-5L-HD-AD2, High Security, 5 Lever, Heavy Duty, Anti Drill, 2 Yellow Keys

£180.00 - Deadlock Union Anti Saw, HS-5L-AS2, High Security, Anti Saw Deadbolt, 5 Lever, Curtain Security Key Entrance, 2 Keys

£180.00 - Deadlock Era, B-3L2, Basic Security, 3 Lever, 2 keys

£140.00 - Deadlock TSS, B-3L2, Basic Security, 3 Lever, 2 keys

£55.00 - Window Bolt, WB2, 2 Keys

£30.00 - Door Chain SKS Narrow, DC

£85.00 - Padlock Squire Home Code, HC-PS, Hardened Steel, Double Locking, Recodeable

£95.00 - Padlock Maxus Weatherproof, WP-SR4-SG5-AS2, Laminated Steel Padlock, Security Rating 4, Anti Saw, Security Grade 5, 2 keys

£45.00 - Padlock Maxus Marine, RP-WP2, Rustproof, Weatherproof, Stainless Steel, 2 Keys

£100.00 - Padlock Maxus Heavy Duty, SG8-AC-AS-AB, Security Grade 8, Anti Crop, Anti Saw, Armoured Body

£25.00 - Padlock Mar, RP-SS2, Rustproof, Stainless Steel Long Shackle, 2 keys

£150.00 - Code Lock TSS Heavy Duty, CL-HD-R, Internal Security, Heavy Duty, Recodeable

£180.00 - Over-night Upvc Mechanism, ON-UM-EP, Security Case, Euro Profile

£180.00 - Rim ABS MAGNETIC, High Security, Anti Drill, Anti pick, Heavy Duty, Anti Bump, 3 magnetic keys, Security Key card

£110.00 - Rim Yale, M-BS1-6P-AD/P/B2, Medium Security, British Standard, 6 Pin, Anti pick, Anti Drill, Anti Bump, 2 Keys

£125-£575 - Multi-Point Security Mechanism Case

£175-380.00 - Full Multi-Point Security Mechanism

£10.00 - Metal Plate

£20.00-120.00 - Mail box security locks

£55.00 - Window handles with keys

£120-£220.00 - Upvc security handles

£20-£75.00 - Tower bolt, TB102

£80.00-£180.00 - Key Safes

£20-£85.00 - Door viewer, DV

£20-£75.00 - Tubular Latch

£45-£125 - Door security bolts, S-TB


£130.00 - Yale DIGITAL DOOR VIEWER WITHout internal memory

£320.00 - Asec Garage Metal Door bolts, 3 keys alike, Hs

£400.00 - Includes installation! Garage Defender, Domestic Security Sold Secure

£125.00 - Era Rim Illuminator Handle


£80.00-140.00 Letter box

£70.00-190.00 - Smart home security letter box

£380.00 - Detainer Union Heavy Duty Fire Escape Latch, HS-5L-HD-FE2, High Security, 5 Lever, Heavy Duty, Fire Escape, 2 Yellow Keys

£190.00 - Deadlock Union Heavy Duty, HS-BS-HD-AT3, Insurance Approve, High Security, British Standard, Anti Drill, Heavy Duty, 3 Yellow Keys

£20-£80 - Door Hinges

£320.00 - Forensic Security Door Chain System, HS-HDA-FDTS, the Ultimate Home Security Burglar Deterrent System, High Security, High Decibel Alarm, Forensic DNA Trace Spray, Linked to your property

£125-£15,000 - Safes

£240.00 - Mul-t-lock cog double euro with thumbturn, HS-DR-SKC-FE2, Security key card, Anti pick, Anti saw, DRILLING RESISTANT, FIRE ESCAPE, 2 keys

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